February 24, 2019

The “Basketball Wives” cast member uploaded a selfie to her Instagram page Friday, Feb. 8 making it clear she’s not here for any kind of negativity.

“Duckin bad vibes…” the reality star captioned her photo. The messaged matched the one on her hoodie, which was designed by Onkel.

Making sure to cement her thoughts, the actress shared a good morning message to her fans on her Instagram Story saying she’s “duckin’ bad vibes all 2019. Get into it.”


Onkel is a brand that was launched in memory of the designer’s uncle Marcus Holland, who lost his life to gun violence.

“At Onkel we seek to empower others that [it’s] never to late to start building a legacy, so find your mission and go after it,” the website’s about page reads.

That line of thinking certainly fits in with Roman’s modus operandi as of late, a path of which she started down last year.


article by Atlantablackstars.com 

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